R72 PRD Vest

About the Rescue72 Personal Rescue Device Vest


Your Rescue72 Vest Bag is your very own disaster-preparedness kit.  It functions as a vest, a floater and a bag to contain food, clothing and shelter – the essential things you will need to survive for 72 hours, or until help comes.

Your Rescue72 Vest Bag should be near an exit of your house.  It has a strap so it can be hung near an exit, ready to be worn or carried in case of emergency.

Every member of your family should have their own personal Rescue72 Vest Bag and it should be filled with clothing, medication and documents that are personal to the family member.

Your Rescue72 Vest Bag can carry up to 30 lbs. but you also have to consider that you may have to carry it long distances to reach safety or shelter.  Do not overload.

Inspect your Rescue72 Vest Bag every six months. Check the expiry dates of the food, water and batteries. Check if the children’s clothing still fit.  Update the documents.


1.  rainhood
2.  lifeline/shoulder strap
3.  radio/phone pocket
4.  whistle
5.  distress light
6.  first aid/tools/document compartment
7.  reflectors
8.  ID holder
9.  groin strap
10.  food compartment
11.  tube tent
12.  clothes and personal effects bag
13.  water holders
14.  snack compartment



Items included:

Tool kitmulti tool with spoon and fork, matchbox, flashlight (batteries not included), rope, whistle, distress light
First aid kitband aid, povidone-iodine, gauze, bandage
Personal hygiene kitsoap, shampoo,  toothpaste, toothbrush, tissue roll
Other accessoriesMesh bag, id card, manual, detachable bags and tube tent


Junior Size PRD Vest



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Suggested Checklist for your Rescue72 Personal Rescue Device

Suggested Checklist for your Rescue72 Personal Rescue Device

FOOD.  Your Rescue72 Vest Bag is equipped with a food compartment.  Make sure you pack at least [...]



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