Rescue72 Featured on Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines November 2014 issue

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Rescue72 PRD Video instruction

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How to Save a Flood Damaged Car Engine

If your car is ever caught in a flood, many will tell you the engine cannot be saved. If you love your car or do not have insurance for this type of damage, all may not be lost. As long

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Suggested Checklist for your Rescue72 Personal Rescue Device

FOOD.  Your Rescue72 Vest Bag is equipped with a food compartment.  Make sure you pack at least a 3-day supply of non-perishable food (crackers, dried fruit, nuts, granola, power bars), canned goods (with easy open caps), MRE (meals ready to

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How to Develop a Product (Yes You Can)

You start with a problem, or an inconvenience. It could be the weather, or something you are used to but (by gosh) is really painful (like high heels), or something that you cannot control (like your weight, or the bulging

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