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“People in many parts of the world are frequently and regularly faced with emergency situations whether it be natural or manmade, and should have their first line of defense for at least the first 72 hours of their survival and rescue window. Rescue72 seeks to be ‘their partner in emergency preparedness’ not only to save their lives, but also for them to be equipped and be able to help save other lives too. “

Danvic Briones
Founder, Rescue72

1.      What makes the Rescue72 Personal Rescue Device Vest (R72 PRD Vest) different from other life vests or disaster preparedness kits?

The R72 PRD Vest is a personal rescue device that combines protection (has a flotation feature in case of typhoons and flash floods) and organization of the basic necessities (like food, clothing and shelter) that can be used in the event of disasters, natural or manmade.

We called it R72 PRD Vest because the contents should be good for 72 hours or 3 days because ideally, it takes 3 days for rescuers to help after a disaster strikes.

2.      What are the features of the R72 PRD Vest?

The R72 PRD Vest has a first aid and tools compartment, radio and cell phone pocket, whistle, strobe light, rainhood, durable shoulder strap, reflectors, id holder, adjustable waist strap, groin strap, food compartment, tube tent (size 5’ x 4’ x 4’ and can double as ground cover or “dressing room”), clothes and personal effects bag, water holders and some bonus items.  It is also modular.

3.      You mentioned that the R72 PRD Vest is modular.  What does this mean?

The R72 PRD Vest has modular webbing and so all the compartments can be moved or removed or more compartments can be added, depending on the needs of the wearer.  Everything is modular, even the foam.

4.      What bonus items are included in the R72 PRD Vest?

The R72 PRD Vest has the following bonus items:

1.    Tool kit –matchbox, flashlight, rope, multi-tool with spoon and fork
2.    First aid kit – band aid, povidone-iodine, gauze strips, bandage, medical tape
3.    Personal hygiene kit – soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, tissue roll

5.      Why is there no food included in the bonus items?

A person may have his or her own preference when it comes to food.  There are also some factors, like allergies and expiration dates that we do not have any control over.  We suggest you pack your own food according to your preference and/or special needs.

6.      What are the available sizes?

We have the R72 PRD Vest in medium and in large and devised a durable waist strap so it can be adjusted to fit most sizes.  We also have a size for kids and babies.

7.      What is the maximum weight the vest can carry?

The R72 PRD Vest, which in itself weighs 4.4 kilos, can carry more than fifty (50) pounds of items (food, clothing, tools, etc.) but we advise and suggest that you do not exceed thirty (30) pounds.

8.      What is the R72 PRD Vest made of?

The R72 PRD Vest is made of 420D nylon often used for camping backpacks. The material is light yet durable, and is water resistant and fire resistant.  It is also water dynamic, meaning, it can actually be used for water activities (when used on water, it will glide and not offer resistance).

9.      Do you have a patent for the R72 PRD Vest?

Yes, we applied for the R72 PRD Vest’s registration as a utility model with the Intellectual Property Office and our registration under Utility Model No. 22011000087 is currently pending.

10.   There are a lot of rescue products out there, why should we buy the R72 PRD Vest?

Most products only offer a receptacle for your basic needs for the days during and after a disaster.  The R72 PRD Vest not only functions as a receptacle but can also provide protection and flotation especially in case of flash floods and typhoons. It also has a whistle, a strobe light, reflectors and a tube tent (which, if spread out, can be visible from the air). These are important because it can alert the rescuers as to where you are so they can get help to you – fast.

11.   If we buy the R72 PRD Vest, is there an assurance that we will survive?

The R72 PRD Vest is a product that espouses disaster preparedness, awareness and self-reliance. Buying the R72 PRD Vest means you acknowledge the unpredictability of disasters and are preparing yourself in case it happens.   The R72 PRD Vest may not assure you of survival but it will increase your percentage of survival, hence, the formula PREPAREDNESS = HIGH PERCENTAGE OF SURVIVAL.  The more prepared you are, the better chances you will have of surviving.

The R72 PRD Vest is primarily a disaster preparedness kit that has a flotation function.  However, your survival will depend on a lot of factors, including adequacy of the food and water that you packed, swiftness of rescue and the weight of your R72 PRD Vest.

Do not overpack.  Make sure your R72 PRD Vest fits you.  Adjust belts to ensure snugness of fit from time to time.

Rescue72 Corporation has made every effort to ensure the reliability of the R72 PRD Vest.  However, the R72 PRD Vest is sold without warranty, express or implied.

Rescue72 Corporation, its dealers and distributors specifically disclaim any liability, loss, damage or risk which incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use of the R72 PRD Vest, the items included therein, or the instructions or tips contained in its brochure.

12.   What other products does Rescue72 Corporation have?

Rescue72 Corporation has the Everyday Carry (EDC), Compact Rescue Vest for Rescuers (CRV) and the Packet Series.

13.   Where is your headquarters?

Rescue72’s corporate headquarters is located in Vancouver, Canada and Manila, Philippines, and it will have satellite offices in key cities around the world.

14.   If we want more information on the R72 PRD Vest or have some questions, what do we do?

Please free to email us at [email protected] or [email protected] and we will personally answer all your queries and provide you with the information you need.

15.   We are ready to order. Who do we call?

For North America (Canada and the USA), please call Danvic Briones at 604-358-0533 (Vancouver). For the Philippines and Asia, please call Mon Maranan at 480-4500 or 0917-905-2084. You can also fill out the form below.

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